Sunday, May 13, 2018

IEARN Computer Chronicles. January 2018-May 2018. Final Project

Dear IEARN Computer Chronicles members, 
Thank you for the letters, 
which made this presentation possible!

Letters from Algeria, Ms Lilia Zellagui's Class

Letters from Egypt. Ms Salwa_Youniss' Class

Картинки по запросу egypt crime news

Letters from Ukraine. Ms Pikush's Class

Letters from Ukraine. Ms Savchenko's Class
Best wishes,
Nataliya Byzova,
Kyiv, Ukraine

Wednesday, February 28, 2018


IEARN  January-May 2018

Learning Circle Group: Computer Chronicles
Sponsoring Teacher: Nataliya Byzova
Sponsor School: Troyeshchyna Gymnasium
City: Kyiv
Country: Ukraine
Name of Project: Crime Column
Goal Of The Project: 
To pay attention to crimes in the world,
persuading criminals to stop committing crimes.
Description Of What You Are Looking For 
From Other Schools:

1) short summaries of crime stories
students were witnesses or heard of in their country
(up to 25 words);
2) letters to the criminals 
(from the crime story summaries)
to prevent them from committing more crime.
(up to 80 words)

Prompts to write a summary of a story:

1) Brainstorm the layout of  a story summary:

There is a good video below, but NOT for this task, DON'T write the story in details!

Be sure to answer the questions in ONLY up to 25 words:
1.Who were the criminals?
2.What was the crime?
3.When did they commit the crime?
4.Where did it happen?
5.Why did it happen? 

Prompts to write letters to the criminals:

1) Criminals need to stop being criminals.
Why not ask them to stop committing crimes?

2) Remember the rules of writing letters

Ideal Number Of Submissions From Each School: 
any reasonable number

Preferred Length Of story summaries and letters: 
a summary of a story -  up to 25 words; 
a letter to a criminal - not more than 80 words

Have fun  reading short stories and guessing the crime committed

Deadline For Receiving your stories: April 15, 2018