Wednesday, February 28, 2018


IEARN  January-May 2018

Learning Circle Group: Computer Chronicles
Sponsoring Teacher: Nataliya Byzova
Sponsor School: Troyeshchyna Gymnasium
City: Kyiv
Country: Ukraine
Name of Project: Crime Column
Goal Of The Project: 
To pay attention to crimes in the world,
persuading criminals to stop committing crimes.
Description Of What You Are Looking For 
From Other Schools:

1) short summaries of crime stories
students were witnesses or heard of in their country
(up to 25 words);
2) letters to the criminals 
(from the crime story summaries)
to prevent them from committing more crime.
(up to 80 words)

Prompts to write a summary of a story:

1) Brainstorm the layout of  a story summary:

There is a good video below, but NOT for this task, DON'T write the story in details!

Be sure to answer the questions in ONLY up to 25 words:
1.Who were the criminals?
2.What was the crime?
3.When did they commit the crime?
4.Where did it happen?
5.Why did it happen? 

Prompts to write letters to the criminals:

1) Criminals need to stop being criminals.
Why not ask them to stop committing crimes?

2) Remember the rules of writing letters

Ideal Number Of Submissions From Each School: 
any reasonable number

Preferred Length Of story summaries and letters: 
a summary of a story -  up to 25 words; 
a letter to a criminal - not more than 80 words

Have fun  reading short stories and guessing the crime committed

Deadline For Receiving your stories: April 15, 2018

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